UX & UI Design, Creative Direction
Project 01


Creating high-technology designs for mobile experiences needs more than extra development skills. It also requires an in-depth understanding of user interfaces and design trends.

  • Client: Ansell
  • Role: UX & UI Design, Creative Direction
  • Year: 2015

Consumer Reports

UX & UI Design, Development

Consumer Reports - Digital Design Experience Guide

Over the years, Consumer Reports evolved into disparate sites created by different work groups with their own look and feel. I worked with the Creative Director and created a new style guide with templates to create one source of truth. They now have a consistent style and user interface, and all pages going forward use the provided templates.

  • Client: Consumer Reports
  • Role: Concepting, UX & UI Design, Development
  • Year: 2014


UX & UI Design, Art Direction

Westin Hotels & Resorts

When designing for a world-class hotel chain, you have to be the most professional, skilled, speedy, and accurate as possible. How do you do that while keeping it beautiful? I’m happy to do that for you too.

  • Client: Startwood Hotels & Resorts
  • Role: UX & UI Design, Art Direction
  • Year: 2013

SPG Resorts

UI Design, Art Direction
Project 05

SPG Resorts


Starwood needed cohesive website for its resort collection of over two hundred distinctive resort properties frequented by their most loyal customers. I created a website based on key brand values of luxury and tranquility that are shared by all SPG Resorts. Guests now feel the brand regardless of their Starwood Resort choice.

  • Client: Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • Role: UI Design, Art Direction
  • Year: 2012

St Regis

UX & UI Design, Art Direction
St Regis

St Regis Hotels & Resorts


Starwood developed it’s flagship St Regis hotel into a worldwide chain of luxury hotels and needed an updated website. I created a website that conveys timeless luxury with a nod to the crown jewel started by John Astor. St. Regis has a cohesive brand is a successful chain at Starwood.

  • Client: Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • Role: UX & UI Design, Art Direction
  • Year: 2012


UX & UI Design, Art Direction
Project 04

Breyers - Ice Cream

Bryers Ice Cream needed an interactive fun website that conveyed their all natural ingredients across all their product lines. I concepted and designed a site that was the cherry on top! Visitors can enjoy promotions, look up recipes, flavors and other product information.

  • Client: Uniliver / Ryan Partnership
  • Role: UX & UI Design, Art Direction, 3D, Animation
  • Year: 2013


Branding, UX & UI Design, Creative Director, Developer


Upstart, My Pizza connects hungry people with local pizza restaurants near them and they needed branding, a website and mobile app. I created branding that was appetizing, mobile apps and a website that are easy to use. My Pizza has surpassed it’s usage and sales goals and has established a strong identity.

  • Client:
  • Role: Branding, UX & UI Design, Creative Direction, Developer
  • Year: 2014

Bold Statements. Amazingly Cutting Edge and Beautiful Designs.

Me, My Designs and My Heart.

15+ years of digital design and development expertise.

I love creating beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. It inspires me when I know the passionate energy and talent I put into my work shines through for you.

“Ermal is one of the best designer I ever witnessed. He's a perfectionist, humorous, and quite a professional. I really miss working with him and his enthusiasm.” Young Sun
UX Design Lead at Samsung

Over the years I've had the privilege of working with some of the most talented people in the industry, at the best agencies and companies in the world such as Unilever, Samsung, Sony Music, GM, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Consumer Reports, Credit Suisse, Novartis, and that’s just to name a few.

“Ermal's work is exceptionally well crafted and thoroughly illustrates his deep understanding of the unique details and functions involved in user interface and web development.” Robert Redmond
Creative Director/Manager

I’ve also helped many startups find their voice and increase revenue by creating innovative digital experiences for social media, web, mobile and emerging technologies.

“I have known Ermal for about 5 years now, and he is someone that I'm happy to know both on a personal and professional level. He is friendly, personable and very talented. His work is always beautiful and impressive, and he is a team player that I know I can count on for whatever I ask of him. Anyone who employs him gains a lot.” Matt Whittle
Sr Creative Recruiting Lead

My Specialties

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Front End Development
  • App Prototyping
  • Branding
  • Audio Production
  • 3D


  • Adobe CC
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Framer, Flinto, Pixate
  • OmniGraffle
  • HTML, Jade
  • CSS, Sass, Stylus, Less
  • CoffeScript, JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • React, JSX, WebPack
  • Bootstrap
  • Wordpress
  • CodeKit, Gulp, Grunt
  • Atom, SublimeText, DevTools
  • Git, GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Node, npm, Bash
  • and much more...


Brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with…